The Spirit of Inquiry project is part of the Australian National University’s 75th-anniversary celebrations. It is supported by the ANU Communications and Engagement division and the School of History in the Research School of Social Science. In addition, many individuals and business units from across the University have assisted with this project, particularly Sarah Lethbridge from ANU Archives and Amy Jarvis from ANU Heritage. Special thanks to Professor Nicholas Brown for his support and our many conversations about the history of ANU. I am also indebted to Emma Cupitt for her insightful research assistance.

Thank you to those who provided contacts, photographs, documents and alerted me to relevant sources, as well as to those who gave their time in interviews, phone conservations and email: Richard Baker, Chris Ballard, Chris Bryant, Ian Chubb, Saul Cunningham, Megan Easton, Inke Faulkner, Paul Gatenby, Tony Hoskings, Frank Jackson, David Jones, Jamie Kitson, Rod Lamberts, Don Larkin, Brian Lees, Leslie McDonald, Thomas Mautner, Stephen Milnes, Barry Ninham, Anthony Reid, Verna Rosling, Brian Schmidt, Lyndall Stazdins, Colin Steele, Rabee Tourkey, Ian Walker, Warwick Williams, Glenn Withers, and Sarah Withers.

Dr Daniel Oakman, School of History, Research School of Social Sciences.


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